2021 - a successful year of overcoming difficulties for Vietnamese seafood exporters

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2021 - a successful year of overcoming difficulties for Vietnamese seafood exporters

In 2021, Vietnamese seafood exporters have experienced ups and downs because of the Covid epidemic. Accordingly, in the third quarter of the year, production and exports declined due to restrictive measures and social distancing to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic. However, after easing the social distancing restrictions under Resolution 128, seafood exports quickly recovered and increased sharply in the last quarter of the year, bringing the whole year export result to $8.9 billion, an increase of nearly 6%. compared to 2020.



In 2021, there are nearly 800 Vietnamese enterprises participating in seafood export activities. In which, the top 100 enterprises with a turnover of 20-400 million USD, this top accounted for 65% of the total seafood export turnover of the country.


Last year, seafood companies made great efforts to overcome the most stressful period because of Covid in the third quarter, then recovered quickly. In particular, pangasius processors and exporters almost made a strong breakthrough in the fourth quarter, after the social distancing was eased, many companies achieved higher sales than before the peak of the epidemic. Large shrimp exporters also recovered production and exports in the fourth quarter, but many companies have not returned to the level before the peak of the epidemic.


Source: vasep.com.vn







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